TICINO – The mediterranean feeling of Switzerland


Welcome to an attractive part of Switzerland where the air has a sweet scent and there is a Mediterranean light. You can find palm trees growing next to chestnut trees as well as camellias and orchids.

Early spring, long and hot summer and lasting Autumn - just enjoy the Mediterranean climate.

The Ticino is the southernmost canton of Switzerland. It is almost entirely surrounded by Italy which lies to its East, West and South. The official language is Italian.

The lakes Maggiore and Lugano make up a considerable part of the total area.

The picturesque villages Ascona, Brissago, Gandria and Morcote alongside Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano  await you. 

Ticino is the perfect destination for all types of holidays - romantic holidays, family holidays or recreational holidays.

Locarno - Region Lago Maggiore and valleys


Located at a distance of 207 km from Zurich – travel time from Zurich: approx. 3 hours (42 km from Lugano – approx 45 min)

Suggestion for accommodation:
Camping Campofelice (5-star), Tenero

Locarno is the lowest situated town in Switzerland. Don't forget to go to the numerous and magnificent valleys around Locarno that offer lots of opportunities for hiking and walking.

Next to Locarno, Ascona and Brissago enjoy a privileged position at the heart of varied nature, a mediterranean climate, a long tradition of tourism and a great sense for hospitality. It is definitely a place to choose for one of the best equisite places for unforgettable holidays near the Lake Maggiore.



Located at a distance of 218 km from Zurich – travel time from Zurich: approx. 3 hours (42 km from Locarno – approx 45 min)

Suggestion for accommodation:
Camping Eurocampo, Agno (Lugano)

Lugano is situated on the beautiful Lake Lugano between Mount San Salvatore and Mount Bre.

The town represents a perfect bridge that connects Mediterranean Europe with Middle Europe. Lugano has a luxuriant vegetation because of its geographical position and its mild climate that rich offers long periods of sunny and dry weather.

The City of Lugano has become a renowned holiday resort that attracts tourists every year from all over the world. Its mild climate together with the beauty of its natural assets make the city an ideal place where you can spend a delightful holiday.

Tourist Attractions:

This is an open-air museum where one can visit over 120 models of the most important Swiss buildings and railways. Rebuilt in a diminished scale of 1:25 of Swissminiatur is located at a distance of 5 km from Lugano and 1 km from Campione d’Italia. The motorway junctions to and from Lugano are at only 200 m and 50 m respectively from the park.

Monte Generoso, Monte Bré or Monte San Salvatore
For truly superb views of the magnificent scenery take a rack-railway or funicular to Monte Generoso, Monte Bré or Monte San Salvatore.