Zermatt – idyllic village nestling at the foot of Matterhorn


Located at a distance of 250 km from Zurich – travel time from Zurich: approx. 4 hours (131 km from Bern – approx 2 hrs 30 min)


The mountain village of Zermatt is one of the great skiing and climbing centres of the world. Nestled in a deep valley enclosed in steeply scarped mountains, it is dominated by the huge and gracefully curved pyramid of the Matterhorn.

Despite of the world wide popularity Zermatt has stayed faithful to its roots and still remains a mountain village.The streets are still free of cars which immediately creates a welcoming atmosphere – Zermatt is care-free. Everyone is here because they love mountains. Walking through the cobbled paths of town, you catch your first glimpse of the Matterhorn and know you have come to the right place.

Suggestion for accommodation:
For summer- & winter camping:
Camping Randa, Randa (only 15 minutes/10 km by train away from carfree Zermatt)

Side trip from Zermatt:
You can travel in 1 hour from Randa to Fiesch (approx 50 km). From there you can take the cablecar to Eggishorn, called also “the mountain of views”. From the edge of Eggishorn you can enjoy a splendid view to the Aletsch glacier, the largest glacier in the Alps.


The Matterhorn is perhaps the most familiar mountain in the European Alps. On the border between Switzerland and Italy, it towers over the Swiss Village of Zermatt.
The Matterhorn is a classic peak, a sharp, isolated rock pyramid with steep narrow ridges jutting from surrounding glaciers.

Elevation (feet): 14691
Elevation (meters): 4478
Country: Switzerland
Year first climbed: 1865